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Fresh Vine Wine: Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir (2019)

Pinot Noir (2019)

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Ruby in color with a big floral nose of rose petal, dark cherry, and baking spices. Secondary notes of raspberry, mint, and tea. Medium-bodied flavors of blackberry, red raspberry and ripe plum. Tasty, long finish of red plums and baker’s chocolate with a hint of acidity.


0.3g SUGAR | 3.7 CARBS | 101 CALORIES | 13.5% ABV

Average analysis per 5oz glass.



Our world-renowned winemaker brings a holistic approach to winemaking with 23 years of experience in the vineyard and the cellar.  Their broad palate of expertise provides careful oversight to our expert winemaking team, paying close attention to quality and taste, and the calorie, carb and sugar content for every bottle of Fresh Vine Wine.

All of our wines are produced and bottled in Napa, California to ensure the highest quality wines.


Fresh Vine Wine hand selects grapes from California’s best wine regions in Northern California and along the Central Coast.   Each region is characterized by unique soil and climate conditions that produce a wide range of grapes that provides the perfect balance of sugar, acidity and  flavors that makes Fresh Vine Wines unique, and that allow us to produce the highest quality low-calorie, low-carb wines.


We founded Fresh Vine Wine with a vision to fill a gap that exists in the current wine aisle - premium, exceptional tasting wines that evoked a guilt-free experience.  Fresh Vine Wines are wines you can be proud to contribute to any table, or enjoy on any adventure.

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